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Woodnotes è sul mercato italiano da 27 anni!

Perchè la rinomata azienda finlandese Woodnotes è presente da quasi 27 anni sul mercato italiano? Lo scopriamo attraverso un’intervista a Mikko Puotila fondatore, nell’anno 1987, insieme alla designer Ritva Puotila dell’azienda Woodnotes, nota a livello internazionale per aver introdotto l’utilizzo esclusivo di materiali naturali realizzando tessuti e tappeti lavorati a maglia con fili di lino e di carta.

Would you mind to describe your company and your products please?

“Woodnotes is  a design and product development company. The original idea

behind Woodnotes products is to combine artistic creativity with the raw

materials wood and paper yarn. We have 5 main product groups: carpets, blinds,

furniture, accessories and handmade studio collection items. In all products

we use our basic raw material; paper yarn. The designs are pure and clear

and done by respecting the material.”

How many years has your company been present on the Finnish market?

“28 years”

Why did your company decide to be present in the Italian market?

“Because we work in a nice market, our home market was just too small for

developing the business further. Right in the beginning we decided to make Woodnotes international

and Italy was one of our export countries. We started in Italy already 27 years ago,

in autumn 1988 when Artek showed Woodnotes carpets as decoration on their stand

in Milan. The carpets got lot of interest and we started to work with Finn Form

who was Artek’s importer at that time in Italy. Since Italy is a design country, Italian

customers understood our new product concept quickly, the feedback was very good in Italy.

Being present in Italy and Milan also opened the doors to the other countries.”

What is your target customer in Italy?

“We work with high end design stores and architects and designers in Italy.

The target business areas for the projects are high residential and hospitality business.”

Why should Italians enjoy your products and Finnish style?

“We can offer a product concept of rare aesthetic quality produced in an ecologically and ethically

sustainable way from hygienic, healthy and safe materials. On the top of this, the products

can be easily applied to various interiors and works well with Italian style.”

What are the products you sell the most in Italy?

“Paper yarn carpets and blinds.”

Why did your company decide to be present in Milan Design Week?

“In our field it’s the most international happening in the world. Since Woodnotes

is exporting to more than 40 countries, we meet in Milan lot of our customers worldwide.”

Do you consider Milan Design Week an important event to give visibility to your company for the Italian and international market?

“Yes, but it’s even more important for international than Italian market.”

What's your goal for next Milan Design Week?

“We keep going this way. We are very happy about the results of Milan design week.

The target is to meet even more potential international and Italian customers and architects
and designers during the next show in Milan.”

Info: www.woodnotes.fi

Agente Italia: www.finnform.it

Showroom: Zeus - Corso S. Gottardo 21/9 - Milano

Photo credit: Mikko Puotila, Woodnotes, Helsinki