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Johanna Gullichsen “new entry” nel mercato italiano

Una ”new entry” finlandese nel mercato italiano. La designer Johanna Gullichsen, fondatrice dell’azienda Johanna Gullichsen Textile Craft & Design, presenta in Italia le sue collezioni di tessuti per la casa.
Un'intervista per scoprire qualcosa in più sulla designer, l'azienda e le sue creazioni.

Would you mind to describe your company, your philosophy design and your products please?

“The company Johanna Gullichsen Textile Craft & Design offers an extensive range of woven textiles for modern living. Bold and simple patterns, natural materials, a down to earth sensibility - our style is all about comfort, colour and ease-of-use. Our designs can be combined either with modern or traditional interiors. Since 1989, we have been committed to honest design and a modern interpretation of Scandinavian textile traditions.
Our flagship store in Helsinki is home to all the collections, a wide range of interior design items and a selection of unique lifestyle accessories. In our online store you will find a collection of our most popular items.”

How many years has your company been present on the Italian market?

“We just started last year to have an agent in Italy and we also were present during the Milan fair with the company Yamakava rattan who had chosen some of my patterns for the presentation of their collection.”

Are you more present in Northern Italy, in the Centre or in the South? In which italian cities were you more present in the past? And now?

“Of course we are more present in the north part of the country where the number of design shop is higher, but also in the centre.”

Why did your company decide to be present in the Italian market?

“Italy is considered a country where beauty is present in daily life, and where design is really appreciated and present in many stores. Our distribution is really selected and it is challenging to enter in the country of design, Italy is a good exercise to sell outside of Finland, and it is not so easy to make such a minimal style as ours accepted.”

What is your target customer in Italy?

“Our agent is working on two levels, the multi brand fashion-shops and the design stores.”

What are the products you sell the most in Italy?

“Bags and purses are catching more attention, probably because our textiles match very well with Italian fashion, and our palette of colors is rather complete, but gradually also the home collection starts to be appreciated, also if the concurrence is extremely tough.”

Why should Italians enjoy your products and Finnish style?

“Our agent is offering only products of Finnish design, working with the best companies (like Avarte and Marimekko) and the retailers concerned in the distribution are very oriented to pure Finnish style. Our products are contemporary but have their roots in the Scandinavian spirit/mood.”

Do you consider Milan Design Week an important event to give visibility to your company for the Italian and international market?

“Yes, of course. Also if the presence of companies is even too high, it is a good occasion to be seen by a wider number of professionals, from journalist to interior decorators. But I think that also the fashion week could reserve some good surprises because of the style of my collection.”

About the designer

Finnish textile designer, Johanna Gullichsen was born in Somero, southern Finland. Before finding an interest in textiles she studied art history, literature and languages at the University of Helsinki. She then pursued education in the skill of weaving at Porvoo Crafts School.

Gullichsen describes her approach to design: "Handweaving with the loom is my inspiration for exploring techniques and patterns. That's how most of my designs are born. Craft is a living design tool for me, always included in the narrative of my textiles. I am especially interested in the construction of fabrics and I am drawn to technically challenging designs, even though the final product might seem simple. The ready-made products that I design are defined by the fabric itself; by its material or by its pattern."



Foto: Johanna Gullichsen