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Un incontro tra design e architettura a Jyväskylä

A Jyväskylä, città finlandese situata a nord di Helsinki e rinomata per esser stata la città natale del celebre architetto, designer e accademico Alvar Aalto, si svolgerà dal 30 al 31 Agosto 2014 l’International Alvar Aalto Café.
Un seminario gratuito e aperto al pubblico organizzato dall’Alvar Aalto Academy per creare un’occasione di scambio e confronto culturale tra relatori internazionali e finlandesi sul tema dell’architettura e del design.

The theme of The International Alvar Aalto Café, “Abundance”, was conceived by the chair of the event, Anne Stenros, Professor at Aalto University and Design Director at KONE Corporation

“The theme allows us at the Alvar Aalto Café to explore how human architecture brings people together and changes our social environment. A common thread running through all the speeches is how to design a good future”, says Stenros.

The speakers at the event include the professor of architectural theory and criticism at Harvard University, Sanford Kwinter, and the Australian transport planner Rachel Smith. The floor will also be taken by the architecture critic and curator Marco Brizzi, and by Klaas Hofman from the MVRDV architecture and urbanism practice. A professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Luisa Collina, and the interior architect and designer Esa Vesmanen will elaborate on the theme from the point of view of design.

“As the name suggests, the Alvar Aalto Café does not follow the traditional form of a seminar with speeches. Instead of stiff speeches, the event is intended to be an interactive and inspiring experience for the speakers and audience alike. We expect to see both industry professionals and other enthusiasts among the attendees”, says the director of the Alvar Aalto Academy, Esa Laaksonen.

Anne Stenros, Chair of the Alvar Aalto Cafè says:

“The future is about humanising architecture and design. It is about building communities of designers and storytellers, builders and makers. It is a matter of putting the user and the resident in control. The future is about bottom-up rather than top-down. It is about engaging, empowering, enabling, empathising and emancipating. It is about networking and partnering – sharing and learning. Above all, the future is human to human. It is innovative, inspiring, interactive and inclusive. It is not only for the self – we expect the architecture and design of the future to also create social value. It is not about buildings and products – it is all about people.”

The International Alvar Aalto Café is taking part in the conversation about the expectations of humane architecture. Architects and designers from all over the world will gather to discuss the multiple ways in which humanism is taking over architecture and bringing it closer to the individual by responding to the needs of different communities. The Alvar Aalto Café focuses on exploring the ways in which humane architecture can bring people together and reflect the change in the social environment. The question is no longer “how to design a good product”. The question is “how to design a good future”.

The International Alvar Aalto Cafè 2014

Hosted by

Alvar Aalto Academy

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 August 2014

Venue: Jyväskylä Workers´Club (designed by Alvar Aalto 1925) Väinönkatu 7

For registration and further information on the Alvar Aalto Café,

please visit the website at

Photo Credits: courtesy of Alvar Aalto Museum

Jyväskylä è conosciuta in tutto il mondo per i numerosi progetti realizzati dal celebre architetto, designer e accademico Alvar Aalto, tra i quali: Università di Jyväskylä (1951-71), Museo Alvar Aalto (1973), Museo della Finlandia Centrale (1961), Casa dei Lavoratori (1925), Chiesa di Muurame (1929), Casa Viitatorni (1962), Centro Amministrativo e Culturale (1964), Municipio di Säynätsalo (1952), La Casa Sperimentale di Muuratsalo (1954).

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