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Nikari promuove il design finlandese in Italia

Dopo il successo dell’edizione 2014 del Salone del Mobile di Milano, Nikari, azienda di design finlandese attiva in Finlandia dall’anno 1967, continua a promuovere il suo brand e i suoi prodotti in Italia.

Quali sono le ragioni che spingono Nikari ad essere presente sul mercato italiano? Lo scopriamo attraverso un’intervista a Johanna Vuorio, CEO of Nikari.

How many years has your company been present on the Italian market?

"We started last year in the Milan Design Week, so a bit less than a year. Quite a new market for us! Nikari has operated mainly inside Finland from its beginning in 1967, and the internationalization process began in 2012 in Japan and Sweden".

Are you more present in Northern Italy, in the Centre or in the South? In which italian cities were you more present in the past? And now?

"Since we mainly work with the project/contract sales, one could say we do not aim at a certain area in Italy".

Why has your company decided to be present on the Italian market?

"We think Italy is one of the greatest design countries of the world, and there seem to be interest for a certain kind of high quality wooden design products. We wish we could add something special, unique and interesting to the product portfolio already present in Italy".

What is your target customer in Italy?

"We aim to reach the architects and interior designers interested in Nordic design, as well as high quality design dealers/retailers, and naturally their clientele".

What are the products you sell the most in Italy?

"It is probably too early to say. It seems, however, that for example the April tables by Alfredo Häberli and the XL December lounge chair by Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano are interesting for the Italian market".

Why should Italians enjoy your products and Finnish style?

"We believe the simplicity, minimalistic and sustainable ideology might feel interesting for some customer segments in Italy. We like Italian design ourselves, so we wish the Nikari style would just add a Nordic touch to it to those who find it enjoyable".

Is MILAN Design Week an important event to give visibility to Nikari on the Italian and international market?

"Yes, it is the biggest design event in the world, isn’t it, so we meet a lot of international customers and collaborators during that time. It’s rather hectic and full of work, but at the same time a lot of fun".

What's your goal for next Milan Design Week?

"We wish to show our latest products to our current and potential future customers and naturally also hear their feedback about what we’re doing".

HasNikari collaborated before with Italian designers? If yes, for which product?

"Last year we had a very refreshing project called “5 STUDIES FOR NATURE”. We told our story and explained a bit about how we work with solid wood to students in 5 different universities all over the world. Then the universities made their own study about Finnish wood. We began in Helsinki/Aalto University, continued to the biggest design university in the world, the GDUT in China and then over the sea to Toronto, Canada. From Canada we returned to the home continent and collaborated with Politecnico di Milano before heading closer to home, Stockholm in Sweden. The results, “5 studies for nature” were very interesting and the Milano study is one of our favorites. The project was made in collaboration with the WWF of Finland".



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Johanna Vuorio, CEO of Nikari

Photo: Nikari furniture

Photographer: Chikako Harada