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Marimekko per Finnair

Continua la collaborazione tra l’azienda tessile finlandese Marimekko e la compagnia aerea Finnair.

Alahuhta-Kasko, Marimekko’s COO spiega “For the celebration and as a continuation of our wonderful partnership with Finnair, Unikko also now has been given a special blue colorway, inspired by Finland's thousands of lakes and beautiful, clean nature.”
Pekka Vauramo, Finnair CEO aggiunge “We are excited to build on and extend our partnership with Marimekko, a great Finnish company that has long shared our values and vision. Our two aircraft wearing the beloved Unikko livery are flying ambassadors of Finnish know-how, positivity and creativity. They make a proud statement as they soar toward the great cities of Asia, where both companies see a bright future.”

The design collaboration between Marimekko and Finnair began in 2012 and
Marimekko for Finnair textiles and tableware were brought to all of the Finnish
airline’s aircraft in 2013. The collection was designed according to the airline’s
needs by Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen, in original Marimekko patterns by Maija Isola. The blue, green and grey colours and the classic prints used in the collection tell the story of Finnish nature and recall the perspective of looking out
from an aircraft window, flying high above the landscape.




Photo: Finnair A330_Anniversay Unikko, courtesy of Marimekko