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Johanna Gullichsen al Circolo Scandinavo di Roma

In occasione dell’iniziativa “Till Rom” ospitata, dalle ore 18.00 fino alle ore 19.30 lo scorso giovedì 12 novembre 2015, nel suggestivo e storico Circolo Scandinavo di Roma, ho avuto il piacere di intervistare la designer finlandese Johanna Gullichsen, fondatrice dell’azienda Johanna Gullichsen Textile Craft & Design.

Gullichesen ha presentato, per la prima volta a Roma, le sue collezioni di tessuti e al termine del suo intervento mi ha parlato delle sue creazioni e della sua esperienza professionale come artista in residenza al Circolo Scandinavo.

When did you arrive in Rome and at Circolo Scandinavo? This is the first time for you in Rome and at Circolo Scandinavo?

“I arrived to Circolo Scandinavo on Monday 2.11. It is my first time to stay in residence at Circolo Scandinavo but not my first trip to Rome. I have been here a few times before but usually as a tourist.”

How did you managed to be an artist in residence at Circolo Scandinavo?

“I only heard about Circolo Scandinavo about a year ago and quite soon I thought it could be a good opportunity for me to get a bit of distance to the everyday tasks and business work I do in my company in Finland. I filed my application and was lucky enough to get it.”

What kind of experience does Circolo Scandinavo offer to Finnish designers and Finnish artist in general?

“Usually residences are for one month, but can be longer sometimes, I think it can be repeated. Some of the residents of this month have been here before.

I think for many artists (writers, visual artists or musicians etc) it is a very inspiring experience. On one hand it is away from home and your usual everyday work. And an important part is to be here in Rome and enjoy all the beautiful buildings, the culture, warmer climate, everything that for all of us Scandinavians is so fantastic and uplifting”.

Which kind of products you will present at Circolo scandinavo and especially at the event Till Rom?

“I will be presenting my work in general and maybe explain a bit about why I am in Rome now. It will be a very short presentation max 15 minutes. Each of the artists in residence will have their own presentation.”

What's your plan in this month at Circolo Scandinavo? How do you think this experience in Rome and at Circolo scandinavo could help you in your work as a textile designer?

“Well, interesting to see how it will have affected me, maybe something about colours. I will only know afterwards. Anyway I’m learning Italian now so I hope it is going to help me communicate in Italian with some of the Italian weaving mills that manufacture some textiles for my brand.”

Do you like Rome and Italy? Do you travel to Italy only for business or also for holidays?

“I love Rome, I may chose to travel to Rome for holidays. But also for business, although as a designer I think Milan is more important for the design business”.

Are there in the roman history, roman textile design or design in general something that you take inspiration from for your work?

“Not really for the moment but I am very impressed with how many artisans there are in Rome, the small workshops of every possible kind, showing how craftsmanship is still present and important in Italy”.

Would you suggest to others finnish designers or artists to live this experience in Rome at Circolo Scandinavo?

“Definitely, I think this is a great location and I have no doubt it is going to have a very positive influence on my creative work.”




Foto: Johanna Gullichsen al Circolo Scandinavo di Roma, courtesy of Marta Dahm