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Intervista a Irina Viippola sul design

Un’ intervista a Irina Viippola, Concept Design Manager di iittala per conoscere la sua opinione sui designer italiani e il design italiano.

Which Italian designer did you collaborate with?

"We have collaborated with Antonio Citterio, Renzo Piano, Alberto Meda and Giorgio Vigna to mention the most important ones".

What kind of products /projects did you realize/achieved together?

"Collective tools by Citterio are iconic serving tools, especially the serving spoon is a true design icon. Citterio’s cutlery is Iittala’s most popular cutlery series, it is functional and pleasing both to the eye and hand. Renzo Piano’98 cutlery series is more elegant and feminine. Meda did an impressive knife series, which in the end proved to be too difficult to manufacture. It was in the assortment unfortunately only for a short period. Giorgio Vigna did a beautiful collection of glass birds, and more recently a series of aluminium boxes and jewellery with stone-like forms called “Piilo”."

What do you like about Italian design?

"Italian design is very analytical and playful at the same time. It is a mix of seemingly controversial themes, which in the end make a logical solution. Italian design has historically been craftsmanship based and has an inner built appreciation for quality and details."

Which is the added value of an Italian designer (for your business)?

"Italian designers definitely are more bold and experimental in their expression compared to Scandinavians. The designs are visible and noticeable. This gives a good contrast to our assortment. Yet, the designs are very functional and fulfill the requirements of iittala design philosophy. The Italian designers we have used are well known also in the architectural and interior design field, which gives much wider recognition among our target group."

Which is, in our opinion, the difference between an Italian and a Finnish designer?

"As said before, Italian designers in many cases are more “multilayered” in their expression and way of thinking. They challenge the company they work with, but also themselves. In many ways their designs are more experimental and organic in aesthetical point of view. Finnish designers often lack the sculptural and bold expression which is visible in Italian design."

How your guidelines in term of concept and projects were interpreted by Italian designers, and expressed in your products?

"Our collaborations with the designers mentioned above have started already in the 1990’s, and at that time briefings were done a bit differently than today. Italian designers challenge us I believe the results of the collaborations we have in our assortment speak for themselves. There is a clear reason why they are relevant also for today’s consumer – the designs are absolutely fantastic!"



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Irina Vippola con il nuovo candelabro Nappula progettato da Matti Klenell.

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