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Innolux e il mercato italiano

Perchè l’azienda finlandese Innolux vuole lanciarsi sul mercato italiano e perchè ha deciso di essere presente al Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano con un proprio stand all’interno di Euroluce 2015? Lo scopriamo attraverso un’intervista a Jukka Jokiniemi, che nell’anno 1993 ha fondato a Helsinki l’azienda Innolux, specializzata nella progettazione e produzione di soluzioni di illuminazione decorativa che combinano forme, materiali e design scandinavo con creatività, qualità e funzionalità.

How can you describe Innolux?

Innolux comes from Finland, where winters are long and dark and summers bright and nightless. We are experts in creating good light and we have captured it for you to enjoy. The timeless design and high-quality materials of the products will make them last from one generation to the next. Innolux is the leading design lamp and bright light device manufacturer in Finland.

Innolux luminaires are created by most accomplished contemporary Finnish designers as well as prestigious Finnish designers from the 1950s.

How many years has your company been present on the Finnish market?

“Innolux is now over 20 years old. We first entered the Finnish market in 1993 with slightly different offering: we started out with products for visually disabled people. Next came bright light devices. From these highly demanding customer groups stems the whole idea behind our search for the best possible light. We are, like our slogan says, the “Home of good light”.

 Why did your company decide to be present in the Italian market?

“We are market leaders in design lighting in Finland. We see Milan as a gateway to internationalization. Italy and other international sales are part of our long term growth strategy.”

What is your target customer in Italy?

“We feel that Italians, living in a country in the top of the world-wide design community, have the same streamlined sense of style as the Scandinavians: love of pure, timeless forms combined with durability. Our customers are interested in high-quality items and interior design. They are also health-concious and interested in overall wellbeing that good light brings into our everyday life. We have wide selection of products out of which we now present few models we think will arouse the appetite for good light.”

Why should Italians enjoy your products and Finnish style?

“We are confident that Finnish design and way of approaching design will be something the Italians will find both interesting, appealing and useful. Amongst our timeless, fresh and simple collection, it is easy to find timeless pieces to make a house feel like home, no matter in which country that home is located.”

Why did your company decide to be present in Milan Design Week?

“Milan Design Week is Europe’s leading fair show in design lighting. Our products are of the highest quality and we feel that we are the top of the European design community. It feels natural to be part of this event. We are proud to present top Finnish know-how and ageless design to the visitors.”

Do you consider Milan Design Week an important event to give visibility to Innojok for the Italian and international market?

“We started to plan our stand more than a year ago and have 5 or our our employees present at the event. Altogether over 30 people have either built or designed different aspects of our presence in Milan. We are very excited about the happening and have put in a lot of effort to channel our vision of good light to the visitors.”

What's your goal for next Milan Design Week?

“We are present at the fair to find new associates and hope Milan Design Week will help us to introduce our products to even wider audience in Italy and Europe. After the event we will sum up the experience and make plans for the next years with the new cooperation partners. We are confident that the event will help us introduce our products to new partners and that the experience will lead to growth and bring lots more of the Innolux good light to many new homes.”



Photo credit: Jukka Jokiniemi, Innolux, Finland