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Inno Interior da 10 anni al Salone del Mobile di Milano

L’azienda Inno Interior ha confermato anche quest’anno la sua presenza al Salone del Mobile di Milano. Perchè la rinomata azienda di design finlandese è presente sul mercato italiano da 10 anni? Lo scopriamo attraverso un’intervista a Niklas Korhonen, CEO, Inno Interior Oy.

Would you mind to describe your company and your products please?

Inno is a family owned company established back in 1974 with strong roots in innovative product design, a high level of original design and responsible production. The company was established by interior architect Harri Korhonen and is now run by his son Niklas Korhonen in second generation. The company's aim is to produce original and functional design furniture as “tools for architects”. High quality products that fulfils even the most demanding requirements mainly aimed for public spaces. As a pioneer, Inno has developed during the past 5 years a new concept “cozy office” that includes a range of products which are perfectly suitable for both public and home interiors, for quality and design aware people.

Inno’s wide range of furniture and accessories represent the very best of Finnish modern design. We do not only work with known designers, but the company has actually been a spring board for several young Finnish product designers.

"We strongly believe that a good product has to give more than a look and a function, it has to feel right."

How many years has your company been present on the Finnish market?

“This year Inno is celebrating it’s 40 years presence on the Finnish market. Even though the company is located in Finland and have a strong connection to Finnish design culture and furniture production, our program has been developed in a more Scandinavian and international direction. Since 1990’s our strategy has been to develop our production more for international markets. Nowadays more than half of our turnover comes from export sales and international projects.”

Why did your company decide to be present in the Italian market?

“Like Finland, Italy has a very long history and tradition both in furniture production and design. In the past Italy has been recognized for a more “plastical” form-language and design but we feel that Scandinavian and functional design is getting more appreciated especially by the younger generations. Inno has been present at the furniture fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, already for the past 10 years, and we can clearly see a growing interest towards our production. The fair is also a natural place for meeting international clients.”

What is your target customer in Italy?

“As our core business is to produce practical and functional design furniture as “tools for architects”, our marketing is mainly focused towards interior architects, designers and other professionals working on the contract market. The projects can vary all the way from luxury cruising ships, hotels, public spaces to high end home interiors.”

Why should Italians enjoy your products and Finnish style?

“Traveling in general is much more common nowadays than it was before, which makes people also more aware of different styles, designs, trends and cultures. This has naturally made a wider range of products and services easily accessible for the Italians. Finland has a long history and heritage on the design field with many internationally recognized designers. The production is usually closely related to its origin, local resources and also to the nature. People are nowadays much more aware and interested in the ecological factors and responsible production. This is also one of the core values of Inno producing timeless design items of high quality and with a long life span.”

What are the products you sell the most in Italy?

“The Kola chair family, the Aura sofa and easy chairs are a few examples of our newer production that has been internationally recognized in international design competitions. These products has also received a very positive feedback at the Italian markets.

As a manufacturer Inno is aiming for developing complete product families with a similar and easily recognized form language. Our products can easily be tailored to meet many different styles of interiors. This is also one reason why many internationally recognized brand companies have used our products in their brand concepts. Working mainly on the contract field we do a lot of different kinds of projects where there is usually specific needs of certain kind of products. Our chair and table programs have been in general highly appreciated and widely used in different types of projects.”

Why did your company decide to be present in Milan Design Week?

“We consider Milan Design Week (especially Salone del Mobile) the most important international design event with a lot of interest among the people and media on our branch. It is an important occasion to meet our international partners and clients, existing and future, and we are among the few companies to be selected to exhibit in the most important design halls.”

Do you consider Milan Design Week an important event to give visibility to your company for the Italian and international market?

Inno has been present for very many years at the furniture fair during the Milan Design Week. We feel it is a good and important event meeting both our Italian and international clients and architects from around the world."

What's your goal for next Milan Design Week?

“The product development is a continuous process for Inno, and we are always showing new and interesting products at the fair. In a few weeks our international jury will once again gather to discuss our new product ideas that will be shown at the next fair. We are always eager and looking forward to the next Design Week to get response, discuss and share information among other design minded people.”

Info: www.inno.fi

Photo Credit: Niklas Korhonen, CEO, Inno Interior Oy