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Design Forum Finland ha un nuovo Managing Director

Petteri Kolinen, Industrial designer, MA, è stato designato come nuovo Managing Director di Design Forum Finland, l’organizzazione con sede a Helsinki che promuove il design Finlandese a livello nazionale ed internazionale. Kolinen inizierà il suo mandato il 1° Agosto 2015 seguendo la nuova strategia promozionale e commerciale di Design Forum Finland.

Petteri Kolinen’s wide experience in different industries, his leadership experience and understanding of integrating design into businesses’ core activities are precisely those areas of expertise that we now need to implement the organization’s strategy. Design Forum Finland wants to work closely with other actors in the field of design. Kolinen contributes his personality and expertise to be a part of this development,” says Ulla Uimonen, Chairman of the Board.

“We would also like to thank Dan Colliander for the excellent work he has done in the past months acting as the interim Managing Director of Design Forum Finland in addition to his other duties, a post in which he will continue until August,” says Uimonen.

Kolinen has a long experience in various managerial positions in design from diverse industries. In 1993–2007, Kolinen worked at Nokia as Design Manager, responsible for various teams, as well as e.g. managing the Design Studio at the Keilaniemi headquarters. After this, he was a member of the Group Management Team and Design Director at Martela. He will join Design Forum Finland from Nanso, where he held the post of Creative Director.

“My great passion is to bring together Finland’s top-level creative skills and business world. The world is changing, so Finnish companies need to raise the attractiveness of their products and services to succeed in the global competition. In that task, design plays a crucial role,” says Petteri Kolinen.

About Design Forum Finland

Design Forum Finland is a promotion organization of Finnish design. Design Forum Finland's primary target group consists of businesses that need and want to make design their new competitive advantage. Design Forum Finland is a non-profit organization that provides services for which there is no functioning market elsewhere.


Foto: Petteri Kolinen, courtesy of Design Forum Finland