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Design Finlandese a Stoccolma!

Il design finlandese con i suoi designers e le sue aziende saranno presenti a Stoccolma nell’ambito della Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair (3.-7.2.2015) la più grande fiera del mobile e dell’illuminazione di design della Scandinavia e della Stockholm Design Week (2.-8.2.2015) che si svolge parallelamente alla fiera animando la capitale svedese con eventi e feste.

Nell’ambito della Stockholm Design Week, avrà luogo “WE LIVE HERE”, un’originale mostra/evento organizzata all’interno di un appartamento nel centro storico di Stoccolma che, dal 1 all’ 8 febbraio 2015, presenterà le ultime tendenze del design finlandese insieme al design islandese.

La mostra, curata dall’islandese Hlin Helga Guðlaugsdóttir e dalle finlandesi Elina Aalto e Marika Tesolin, ha l’obiettivo di trovare nuove strade di cooperazione per la promozione del design.

Le curatrici affermano:

“Through carefully selected objects and projects we compare, contrast and communicate Icelandic and Finnish design languages, our material culture, design industry, current topics and approaches to design.

Through our work, certain strong themes started to emerge, forming pairs and groups within the home and guiding the selection process. This is by no means a complete rendering of the Finnish and Icelandic design scenes, but an attempt to paint the spectrum in broad strokes.

Our aim has been to highlight what is interesting now, rather than “newness” which tends to dominate design discussions, aspiring to reveal the strongest potentials and relevance of Finnish and Icelandic designers on the Nordic design scene today.”

"The exhibition covers all aspects of design, just like design is incorporated in all aspects of our everyday life, including furniture, products, food and fashion".

"The exhibition focuses on the act of moving, playing with pairs of items, ‘doubles’ that often occur when two people move in together, and communicates the different themes that occur in Finnish and Icelandic design today".

Oltre alla mostra, l’appartamento in Regeringsgatan 86, aperto al pubblico Martedì 3.2. 11-16, Mercoledì 4.2. 11-16, Venerdì 6.2. 11-16, ospiterà anche una serie di eventi e workshops.

Il team di WE LIVE HERE dice:

"We welcome everyone to visit us in our Stockholm home. Pop by for a fika, have a chat and take a look around. We believe design is for everyone! The concept of home touches our hearts and is relevant to us all, regardless of profession or age.”

Per maggiori info:





WE LIVE HERE is a collaborative project by the two national promotion agencies Design Forum Finland and Iceland Design Centre in collaboration with Codesign, Sweden.

The project is supported by Kreanord and Nordic Culture Fund.

It is curated and designed by Elina Aalto, Marika Tesolin and Hlin Helga Gudlaugsdóttir. Visual identity is by Siggi Odds, and creative consulting by Sanna Gebeyehu of Codesign.

Design Forum Finland aims to support affluence and competitiveness in the economy and society by promoting widespread utilization of design. Run by the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design, which was established in 1875, it is the second-oldest design-industry organization in the world. 

Iceland Design Centre is the promotion organization for Icelandic design. Established in 2008, it is owned by 9 designers’ associations, representing all fields of design, ranging from architecture to fashion, graphic design and product design. Its purpose is to increase the appreciation of the importance of design and architecture for our society. www.icelanddesign.is


From Finland

Aalto+Aalto, Artek, Martin Born, Choice, Com-pa-ny, CTRL, Error Collective, Hanna Anonen, Flora & Laura, Harri Koskinen, HEM, Iina Vuorivirta, Kasper Nyman, Katriina Nuutinen, Kirsi Enkovaara, Klaus Haapaniemi, Kustaa Saksi, Kuula + Jylhä, Linda Linko, Mari Isopahkala, Maija Puoskari, Man Yau, Mika Tolvanen, Mikko Laakkonen, Minna Parikka, Poiat, POP table, R/H, Saana ja Olli, Teemu Järvi, Teemu Keisteri, &Bros

From Iceland:

Águsta Sveinsdóttir, Anna Thorunn, Berlinord, Brynjar Sigurðarson, Dora Hansen, Dögg Design, Fiona Cribben, Færid, Garðar Eyjólfsson, GO FORM, Ihanna, Hanna Dís Whitehead, HAF Studio, Hugdetta, Katrin Olina, Kría Jewelry, Kronkron, Magnea Einarsdóttir, Mary, Scintilla, Postulina, Sigga Heimis, Sigga Rún, Siggi Eggertsson, Snæfrið & Hildigunnur, STAKA, Studio Bility, Tinna Gunnarsdóttir, TOS Design, Unnur Valdís, Umemi, Vík Prjónsdóttir, Volki, Þórunn Arnadóttir

From Sweden

Form Us With Love, Färg & Blanche, Katrin Greiling, Monica Förster, TAF Architects

The sound architecture in our home is by Lexter, and we will listen to Nordic Playlist by Nordic Music Exchange. Our menu is curated by Icelandic and Finnish chefs Sami Tallberg and Fannar Vernharðsson, and our kitchen cupboards stacked with beautiful everyday objects by Iittala. Items in the exhibition will be on auction organized by Lauritz.