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Decorazioni natalizie finlandesi per Fabiana Filippi

Il brand italiano Fabiana Filippi, uno dei marchi leader nel settore della moda “Made in Italy”, ha scelto le originali decorazioni natalizie dell’azienda finlandese Lovi per allestire le vetrine di tutte le sue boutique in Italia e in Europa.

“I wanted to create a wooden bauble for Christmas trees as an alternative to plastic ones in 2001. The very first version was a stick with veneer pieces glued to it. I quickly realized that it should be like a 3D puzzle, so that the end user is the one who has the satisfaction of putting it together. A new type of joint made the idea realizable as the pieces slot easily together. The package was then given a postcard-like label, and the product was ready to be sent. The very first samples were sent as season’s greetings all around the world in 2003. Inspired by the encouraging start I keep designing new creatures to the Lovi World.”Anne Paso, designer, Lovi Ltd.

Lovi Ltd

Fabiana Filippi

Foto by Lovi Ltd